Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bon Voyage Greetings

Bon voyage
As you travel on your way
Safe journey is wished for you
Different destinations; magnificent views
New people you will greet
Wonderful foods will be laid out to eat
Customs and cultures are never the same
Your wonderment will never wane
Your return will be safe I pray
Memories for a lifetime will stay

Bon voyage
For the trip away
That you've only dreamed about
This is the day
There's no doubt
How you'd feel
On board, you'll soon be
Enjoying a banquet meal
This is no fantasy
Do everything at your leisure
Memories to treasure

Bon voyage
A safe trip for you
All your journeying through
No matter where you go
I hope you know
You are wished for sure
Happiness and much more
When you return, it's true
Home will welcome you

Bon voyage
This is your departure day
You are on the way
To many destinations; so new
Magnificent views
Just for you,
No matter where you go
You must surely know
When you return, it's true
Home will welcome you

Bon voyage
Is wished for you today
As you travel on your way
Whether it be by plane or train
Or in sunshine or in rain
We know you will find
Views of the magnificent kind
People of different cultures there
Wonderful costumes and braided hair
Wherever you may roam
Truly only one place
Will put a smile on your face
Always to be a big part
Deep down in your heart
That is home sweet home

Bon voyage
Is wished for you today
Enjoy it all, come what may
You will have a ball
At many a port, you will call
But the best part of the trip will be
When the shores of home, you see

Bon voyage
On your trip
A great time is wished for you
No matter what you do
Either on a cold beer, sip
Or swim in the sea
The choices are endless for sure
All will be a pleasure not a chore
Can you please take me?

Bon voyage
This is the day
That you sail away
Towards distant shores
Farewell to work and all the chores
All aboard
At exotic places; soon you'll be moored
Laze around
You're paradise bound!

Bon voyage
To you
You are on your way
To destinations so new
Where in the sun you will bask
Be at your ease
I must ask
Can I carry your bags please

Bon voyage
To you today
It's time to hit the road
To be on your way
Use any type of transport mode
We wish you well
When you return
What a story you will have to tell

Bon voyage
To you today
My dear
As you go on your way
Departure time is nearly here
You, I will really miss
Give me a hug and a kiss
To remember you by
Tears of joy I will cry
When your face I see
As you return home safely to me

Bon voyage
To you my love
As you travel on your way
To a far off place
I will miss your smiling face
I pray that The Lord above
Brings you safely home
Never more to roam

Bon voyage
Have you forgotten anything
So much you must bring
Passport in hand
Everything is planned
Travellers cheque
What the heck
So much to carry
Must not tarry
The plane will depart
Travel smart
Pills for the pain
Can we go by train
Catch up on sleep
Safe, your luggage keep
Go here and there
Then time to turn around
Glad when feet are on the ground

Bon voyage
Time to set sail
Cancel the paper and the mail
Feed the mouse
Lock up the house
Put on your holiday smile
Forget your troubles for a while
Enjoy yourself in every way
Happy holiday

Bon voyage
It is time to let go
Of stress; all
The worries away; throw
Have a ball
This is what you deserve
Take a big serve
Of dancing
Taste the wine
Wonderful things on which to dine
Enjoy some romancing
Get carried away
This is your sailing day
Have the trip of a lifetime, do
Happy memories are wished for you

Bon voyage
As you sail away
Onboard the big ship
Have a warm pool dip
Such food to eat
What an array
Don't get carried away
New people to meet
Have the cruise of a lifetime, please do
A wonderful time is wish for you

Bon voyage
Doesn't matter how you go
On a boat that is slow
Or a train that is fast
Sailing on a ship with a mast
Have the time of your life
Behind, leave your strife
This time is for you
Enjoy your trip all through
Under a sky that is blue
With a to die for view

Bon voyage
My friend
Wishing you
A great trip
All through
From start 'til end
Whether it is where
Nippy is the air
Or hot under the sun
On a cocktail sip
Just have fun
You will have a ball
Come home and tell all

Bon voyage
This is the day
You have waited for
You'll be on your way
And what's more
I would like to tell you
I will miss you; true
Before your journey, you start
Just want to say
What's in my heart
Come what may
Have a safe return, do
I'll be waiting here for you

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